Riverview Complex
340 Riverview Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46516


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General Information

Park Rules
  •  No alcoholic beverages or Drugs 
  •  The Complex, as all Elkhart Parks and Recreation Department facilities, is a “family friendly” facility. Vulgar, profane, obscene, threatening, or taunting language shall not be tolerated. Indecent conduct or attire is not acceptable. Fighting by participants or spectators will not be tolerated. Violators will be asked to leave the facilities immediately. Should the Elkhart Police Department be called to the Complex, it is likely that someone will be arrested. 
  •  Pets, except those for Americans with Disabilities, will not be allowed inside the Riverview Softball Complex. The Elkhart Parks & Recreation prefers that spectators leave their pets at home. 
  •  For the safety of all, bat swinging is not allowed outside the enclosed playing fields. 
  •  Hitting or throwing in to the fencing material is not permitted, as this causes the fences zinc coating to fail and fall off causing premature and unnecessary wear. 

Park Amenities
  •  4 Diamonds 
  •  Large Open Grassed Areas 
  •  Bathrooms 
  •  Clean Facilities 
  •  Concession Stand 
  •  Skate Park 


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